The Anatomy of a Successful Online Store

Thousands of online stores have been debuting in the past few years. Massive trends that come along with them have also changed the kind of marketing strategy business owners can use See the original post: The Anatomy of a Successful Online Store

XOOPS 2.5.9 Beta3 Available

The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the Beta 3 release of XOOPS 2.5.9. This version includes fixes and enhancements, security updates, and PHP 7.1 compatibility. See more here: XOOPS 2.5.9 Beta3 Available

50 Free Vintage Fonts for Your Design Toolbox

Vintage. See the article here: 50 Free Vintage Fonts for Your Design Toolbox

6 Essential Open Source Tools for Web Designers

The web runs on open source software. Most of it is in the back end, with most of the world’s servers running on some form of Unix or Linux. Those servers run hundreds, if not thousands, of open source utilities, ...

Flex Blocks PrestaShop Module

This module gives you the ability to enter any HTML code in the major parts of your webshop. You can enter any HTML content like text, images or video. You can improve the layout of blocks and adding new blocks ...

YARN PrestaShop Email Templates

With these customizable emails: you give your store a unique and professional image,  you increase your customers’ reassurance, since all of your transactional emails match your e-commerce site’s template, you grow your community by giving your RSS page, Facebook, Twitter, ...

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